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Winter 2009

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                 On Friday, October 30, I was awarded the 2009 “Volunteer of the Year—Supporting Animals” award, from the Volunteer Center of Sacramento, covering the entire region and surrounding counties.  The award was given for “Outstanding commitment by an individual with significant hands on volunteer time and talent given to an organization in support of animal related issues.”  I’m honored to be recognized and share the award with my incredible, supportive Board and all the volunteers that work at FRIENDS.

             In 2009 we continued to focus on finding homes for our Cat House cats  and closing the facility because of the heavy rent being levied on us—see Cat House Rent.  On December 8th our fate will be decided by the Board of Supervisors.  And while this is usually the time we report our adoption numbers and how much we helped the County shelter, unfortunately, because we’ve been worried about paying the rent, we’ve not been able to provide support to the hundreds of animals we usually take into our program and find homes for.  On the other hand, people from far and wide came to adopt our adult cats when they heard we might be closing our doors.  So we said goodbye to Peek-A-Boo, Pansy, Paul, Lucky, Katrina, Cassie and so many more.  We hope they live long healthy lives.  

Winner Volunteer of the Year—Supporting Animals

             Earlier this year, we became aware of a modification to our region’s youth hunt (12 to 16 year olds).  The ill-conceived change is to an “antlerless only” deer hunt that focuses on rural residential Loomis/Granite Bay.  According to “Ban the Bogus Deer Hunt” website (www.PlacerDeerHunt.com) Placer County Supervisors have an opportunity to nix the killing of  unspotted fawns, does and young bucks by children.  If the Supes take no action the hunt changes (expanding the kill quota from 25 to 75) are automatically approved.  Please visit the deer hunt website to learn more.  Then, write a letter to the Supes asking them to not allow kids to kill fawns without spots, does and young bucks.  Insist that the Supervisors support the democratic process by putting this matter on the agenda and before the public so our elected representatives can make a decision based on what the constituents want.          

             The long awaited new County shelter in West Placer looks like it’s stalling out once again.  Once scheduled for completion in 2010 it received a revised completion date of 2012 and now it’s become akin to a moving target.  The facility plan is suppose to bring together Placer County and the cities of Lincoln, Roseville and Rocklin under a joint powers authority but things seem to have hit a roadblock.  For the past four years we’ve lobbied the Board of Supervisors to rebuild Auburn but staff continued to push the West Placer facility.  Meanwhile, the outdated Auburn shelter operates in a crisis mode unable to keep pace with demands.  If it weren’t for the non-profit organizations doing the heavy lifting, I just don’t know what would happen to the animals.  Or, perhaps because  the County can rely on the non-profits the shelter is still in the state it’s in.

              In our last newsletter, we mentioned the two grant awards we won from the Placer Animal Trust Fund.  One grant funded  $17,674 in low cost spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and cats owned by the public.  As we wind down the program, to date we were able to have one hundred eighty-nine Placer County dogs/cats sterilized through this program. Of these, 132 were dogs and 57 were cats.  The second grant provided FREE healthy pet seminars titled “Let’s Talk.”  The talks were so popular that we’ve found additional funding and we’ll be hosting one more session—see Let’s Talk.

             So as we look to a bright future, whether we have a Cat House adoption center or not, we want you to know that the ‘final 20 cats’ that have called it home will be safe and that FRIENDS will redirect its focus spending more of our time as an advocate for the animals.  First and foremost, as a Humane Officer, I will protect and prevent animals from abuse and neglect and we will seek to elevate the importance of prosecuting crimes against animals.  We’ll continue our campaign for a new Auburn animal shelter and we will build strong relations with our non-profit colleagues using our expertise in operating a non-profit for the past 10 years to assist them in achieving their goals.  We’ll continue to use our foster homes to care for homeless animals and we’ll seek grant opportunities to offer free and low-cost spay/neuter programs to the animals in Placer County  while at the same time, keeping our mission at the forefront of our mind: 

To Create a Humane Environment for All Animals.      

             We hope you will continue to support our work through your donations.

Rosemary Frieborn, President

11556 D Avenue s Auburn, CA 95603 s 530.823.6828                                         www.AnimalPlace.com