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Winter 2008

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            Also in that newsletter, I predicted the economic downturn would take a toll on our organization.  My prediction wasn’t far off from the decline in revenues and increased expenses we’re experiencing but what I didn’t figure into the mix was the County’s plan to begin charging us $9,600 annual rent for our shelter facility.   In short, we’re now required to pay the County to help them save animals.  It does make us wonder if it’s their way of retaliating against us for our “Campaign for Change”.  The effects of the additional debt load has had an impact on the number of animals we can afford to save.  Already this year, we have exceeded our financial capacity. 

      As we share your financial hardships, your donations are  important to us more than ever.  We hope you will continue to remember us during this season of giving.  As always, we wish you a joyful holiday and a new year filled with good health and happiness.                                                                                                                                                                    Rosemary Frieborn, President

Apartment Sponsors

Text Box: 	Many animals arriving at our Cat House require more than a temporary place to call home.  Some need extensive veterinary care to make them feel better and prosper.  They need good quality food, toys to stimulate their natural instincts, a soft clean place to nap and a tidy litter pan.  They need to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped so we’ll be able to send them back home in case they get separated from their new owner.  
	Multiply this by 5 (the average number of cats in each apartment) and you can see how many homeless animals will benefit from your thoughtfulness during the year.  Your $350 donation is tax deductible and comes with a personally engraved plaque.  We invite you to be a part of this special life saving program and thank you for caring about our homeless animals.  
Sponsor's Dedication Plaque for Cat ApartmentText Box: John & Anita Schulz

Early in 2008 fifteen individuals comprised of the Friends Board and volunteers, convened to create a new Vision and Mission Statement for the organization.  The thought provoking retreat generated several common themes on current issues that face animals and the citizens of Placer County.  We used our newly crafted Vision Statement as the title of this section.

      Our book sale during July and August was a great success.  We are grateful to Steven Brown, owner of the Lincoln Village at Twelve Bridges shopping center for providing the space at a discounted rate and Lynn Willingham for the start up collection of great books.  People came from far and wide to shop and share stories of their pets—many became our friends and supporters.  Of course it goes without saying that working with the volunteers is always special for me.  They never fail to step up in ways that continue to surprise me.  In the end we netted $7,800 which equates to selling AT LEAST that many books. 

      We seized the opportunity to move Magda; the talky kitty that graced the back page of our Summer newsletter, from the Cat House to the bookstore where her incredible personality delighted shoppers and wooed one of our volunteers into giving her a forever home.  She’s now known as “Nancy”.