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Summer 2009

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                 In 2008 we found homes for 402 animals, mostly cats and kittens from Placer County Animal Shelter.  We provided care for 477 animals at our adoption center.  Of course, our volunteers make all our programs appear seamless, logging 5,607 hours, not including cumulative hours from our foster care providers.

                 We’ve all been devastated with the loss of a wonderful volunteer, Ken Bottorff.  I believe as we save the lives of animals and help make the world a kinder, more humane place, we can’t help but keep Ken’s spirit alive.  He was the master of collaboration, building friendships and working closely with so many organizations for the betterment of the animals.  I just can’t remember a special project or event where he didn’t play an important role.  To say he was our right hand man, doesn’t even touch the essence of his contributions—he has left a gaping hole in our heart.     

Time to Reflect

                 Unfortunately, with the County’s recent decision to charge FRIENDS rent last October, we’re no longer able to assist the shelter with their surplus animals.  Instead we’ve turned our focus to assisting the public with animals they can no longer keep—but even then, we’ve been forced to charge a user fee for our service, i.e., sheltering unwanted cats and kittens.  To weather these difficult financial times, we’ve even eliminated our only paid position.  If you’re so inclined to see how we spend your donations, you can find our financial records by following the link on our website at: www.AnimalPlace.com/join

                 At the end of 2008, we competed for and won two grants from the Placer Animal Trust Fund.  One grant funded  low cost spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and cats owned by the public.  The fund balance of $17,674 was committed in just 30 days.  One hundred fifty-six vouchers were issued for dogs and fifty-nine vouchers for cats.  Hundreds if not thousands of unwanted animals won’t be born this year thanks to the generosity of Placer County employees and the public who contribute to the Animal Trust Fund, plus the veterinarians who participated in this program.  The second grant was a collaboration between FRIENDS, Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation and FieldHaven Feline Rescue.  The organization’s planned a series of FREE healthy pet seminars titled “Let’s Talk.”  There’s more information in this newsletter about the next seminar on May 28th.  

                 In 2009 as we did in 2008, we’ll continue to build our Humane Officer team.  In March, Officer Lohman and I attended the Animal Care Conference, co-sponsored by the State Humane Association of California.  The workshops focused on state humane laws and their application.  We also attended animal forensics training courses.  The same science used to prosecute human crimes is increasingly being used to successfully prosecute crimes against animals.  It would go without saying, when the victim can’t tell what happened science provides the clues. 

                 In April I was on the road again - this time to Las Vegas – not at the gaming tables but attending the Humane Society of the US Expo and talking with individuals from around the country who have implemented a successful animal abuse task force, as well as, experts who assist local agencies with investigating abuse cases.  I can also share with you that because approximately 3 million healthy and treatable dogs and cats are killed in shelters each year, two of America’s leading animal welfare organizations, Maddie’s Fund and The Humane Society of the US, are collaborating with The Advertising Council, the leading producer of public service advertising, to encourage Americans to adopt from animal shelters.  Watch for these ads to appear this summer.  It was a dynamic conference packed with innovative ideas and lots of people celebrating their success in the industry. 

                 As we pack away our umbrella’s and windbreaker’s to make way for warmer days, we’ll be working hard to achieve success right here in our own backyard by keeping our mission at the forefront of our mind:  To Create a Humane Environment for All Animals.  

                 We hope you will continue to support our work through your donations and our book sale fundraiser.

Rosemary Frieborn, President