Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills
Winter 2020

Message From the President

Marilyn Jasper
For HSSF, the year 2020 started with both feet on the ground to pursue animal protection and welfare issues.  Then COVID hit!

Both our thrift and book stores were closed during the statewide shutdown.  When the mandate lifted, most of our senior citizen volunteers had health concerns and opted to stay home – sewing face coverings to help keep people safe from donated material to the HSSF thrift store. Using our PPP funding, we were able to hire two employees to help keep the stores sanitized and provide a few volunteers the assurance needed to return.

Today, the stores are open four days a week.  We’re still down from our pre-COVID schedule, but we’re slowly rebuilding.  Most important, we’re grateful that none of our volunteers or their families have contracted this deadly virus.

Meanwhile, our field humane officers remained on duty as essential workers, responding to calls of possible animal cruelty and following up on open cases.  When the shutdown was lifted, work on cases in the district attorney’s office continued to move forward.  (Continued on Page 2)

"Daisy" -- by Michelle Hudson, HSSF Treasurer

An unremarkable but beautiful day in Loomis was interrupted by a small commotion out front.

Daisy was her name I learned later…a small but strong little lady who sought cover under a car stopped at the cluster of mailboxes. Passers-by pitched in to coax her out. Despite being frightened and surrounded by strange people in a strange place, Daisy exuded an air of confidence…independent but not aloof. I took custody of her while my co-conspirators set out to find Daisy’s family.

In the following days, I fell in love with that little dog. She was sweet and cuddly and loved to travel in an old beach bag I pulled out of a closet. And thus, began my path to the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills.

Efforts to locate Daisy’s home introduced me to people familiar with HSSF. As fate would have it, they were looking to add members to their Board, and well, the rest is history. Serving on the BOD for the HSSF over the past five years has been an honor. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the invaluable work HSSF does for the animals in our communities and throughout the region.

Daisy in a shopping bag.

While it’s heartbreaking to see firsthand the cruelty human beings are capable of imposing on helpless creatures who are reliant upon them for love and care, it is richly satisfying to know you are playing a small part in preventing continued suffering, and, to see those individuals held to account. It is difficult work, sometimes with equal parts wins and losses. Some days are disheartening while others are deeply rewarding.

So, to all our beloved critters out there, wild and domestic, and to those who would do harm or cause their suffering…rest assured the HSSF family of staff and volunteers will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the voiceless animals charged to the care of us humans. And I will continue to be honored to serve with the great people doing this great work. Alas, Daisy made it home safe and sound, to her tearfully elated elderly mother who had been out of town when Daisy escaped her babysitter. And my life was forever changed for the better!