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Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills
Fall 2017
A Havanese Rescue Story

Freshly groomed and ready to play
Wookie was one of the lucky ones—he was saved from a life of misery in an illegal puppy mill when HSSF Humane Officers rescued over 50 small dogs a few months ago.

The little dogs were kept in a dilapidated “barn” with no natural light and a stench so strong it irritated the rescuers’ eyes and made them feel sick. So you can imagine how the little dogs felt living every day of their lives in this toxic air, in wire cages that hurt their feet, or crates, with females bred as often as they could be.

Women in the novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” had to bear children for elite couples because of “low reproduction rates.” These puppy mill females were bred to bear as many puppies as possible for the perpetrators to profit by selling the puppies under false pretenses.

After HSSF rescued the dogs, Wookie and the other RPM’s (Recovering Puppy Millers) were all medically examined by HSSF veterinarians and treated for a wide assortment of ailments associated with puppy mill operations where making money is most important. The dogs were then placed in caring foster homes, where they got to experience for the first time what life in a loving home can be.


HSSF Welcomes Bill Roach

Bill with his two pups.
We are pleased and excited to announce the hiring of William (Bill) Roach as our Investigator/Community Liaison. His primary role will be responding to calls from citizens and law enforcement agencies relating to animal abuse and neglect. Another critical piece of his community outreach will be to attend District Municipal Advisory Council  (MAC) meetings and educate the public on animal care.

Bill retired as a Sergeant from a 30-year career with the California Highway Patrol. Starting as a road Patrol Officer he worked his way up to Sergeant and managed four specialized undercover units. Bill also retired as a Colonel from a parallel, 34-year career in the US Army Reserve, wherein he successfully completed numerous Military Police command and staff assignments, one of which was the Commander of an elite Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

During his retirement and prior to his employment with HSSF, Bill was a VP in charge of the healthcare security division of a private security company contracted to Kaiser Hospitals nationwide. Bill went on to become selected as the Director of Security at four Kaiser Hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he managed healthcare security operations.

Bill and his wife Mary live in Loomis with their two Yorkie dogs, Sir Bentley and Colonel Winston. They have three sons and eight grandchildren. We are delighted that Bill’s newest found passion is being a voice for the animals who can’t speak for themselves.

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