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Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills
Fall 2016

White horse, before and after
In 2015 thru October, 2016, our Humane Officers fielded 154 formal complaints, serving over 503 animals requiring welfare checks and follow-up visits. In 2015, HSSF responded to a malnourished horse complaint and subsequently facilitated the horse owner’s surrender of his horse to a horse rescue organization. After the horse was safe with the rescue, HSSF found him a new home where he thrives today.

In another case, with search warrants HSSF seized 10 cats living in filthy conditions and found them new homes. In 2016, we seized two malnourished dogs with a search warrant and also found them great new homes.

Just last month, our officers served a search warrant for several dogs and horses on a 500 acre ranch. Although we did not seize any animals, we required environmental clean-up and veterinary care and continue to closely monitor the situation.

Skinny dog before; healthy dog on couch.
Three cases of animal cruelty were filed with the Placer County District Attorney’s office (two in 2015 and one in 2016).

Finally, we said goodbye to the last horse we obtained through a bankruptcy in 2014. She was welcomed into an amazing new home. You may remember this case from our previous newsletters.

HSSF’s wonderful volunteers gave 14,241 hours of their time in 2015 in a variety of different capacities, including animal fostering, book sorting, book sales, thrift store operations, outreach events, animal feeding, grooming, training, and so much more. They may have even more hours when 2016 is totaled. Thank you HSSF volunteers!!

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