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Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills

Meet Winnie and Kevin

Winnie and Kevin

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend, When opportunity knocks, we always consider what advantages our decisions might have for the animal(s). When we received an email asking if we might be able to help a Jersey calf in need, we started thinking.. As you know, our mission is to protect animals from cruelty. We try to keep the animal(s) with owners and work towards collaboration with them to provide relief for the animal-e.g., medical needs, living conditions, etc.-to restore good health and humane treatment.

On a daily basis, we receive calls and emails asking us to take in an animal and rehome it. In these instances, we refer people to organizations whose missions do that work. But, this particular email and the story of Winnie called to us in a profound way. The message originated from a volunteer at a non-profit in the Bay Area. The organization has a breeding program for dairy cattle. Winnie is a "freemartin" heifer which are infertile females-the result of mixed twins in all bovine breeds. That being said, we knew Winnie had a twin brother.

After seeing "Cowspiracy" (www.cowspiracy.com) and listening to a lecture by Robert Grillo with Free from Harm and learning that Winnie was slated to be sold and slaughtered for veal, as are all male calves born on the farm, the volunteer felt "Winnie's fate seemed unfortunate and unfair" and that her life mattered regardless of her inability to produce milk and the dairy products we serve on our table.

Within a few days of that email, Winnie and her twin brother Kevin were on a trailer from the Bay Area to the HSSF Livestock Rescue and Rehabilitation Center where they will grow up to be an ideal set of pasture ornaments and methane fueled mowers.

Recently, HSSF had Dr. Goss examine both Winnie and Kevin. After declaring both were in good health, he vaccinated and wormed them. We were able to discuss their feeding regime for optimum growth and good health and scheduled a follow-up appointment for booster vaccines.

Not only do your donations provide this critical care for these wonderful animals, but they provided the catalyst that helped make the HSSF Center possible. Of course we haven't for one minute taken our eye off the ball with our true mission, preventing and stopping animal cruelty. With your support, we can continue to help animals in need.

We ask that you make a donation today to support the animals in our care and provide funding to continue our anti-cruelty investigations.

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