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Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills
Summmer 2015
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Compassion Is the Driving Factor

Dear HSSF,

MareJust wanted to send you some photos of the last several weeks. I absolutely love, love, love this horse. She is such a doll. We spent the first week getting to know each other and by the end of the week, I started riding her at the walk (after she settled in and got shoes).

Naughtiness ensued for a couple days, which only made me laugh as we worked through her temper tantrums still at the walk. Walk, trot off with me, asked to go back to the walk, repeat. :)

We built up to the trot and do lots of circles, serpentines, leg yields, turn on the haunches, halting from leg aids only, and general hacking around the ranch. We do daily carrot stretches to loosen up her neck and back.

Two days ago we did our first canter and today we rode bareback! I could not have asked for a more lovable, feisty, fun, perfect horse.

When the vet came out this week to give her the last booster vaccine, she was shocked she is a Thoroughbred. Said she's the most calm OTTB (off-track Thoroughbred) she's seen. And the most spoiled at the barn as soon as she caught sight of her daily bag of watermelon and carrots that goes into her grain (that she likes to spill everywhere:).

Happy 4th from both of us. MP

This lovely mare was part of the 30 Thoroughbred horse rescue we worked on in November. You may remember our telling you that these horses were often left abandoned by their unsavory owner on private property without medical care, hoof care and often without sufficient food. Today, all but three have found new homes (HSSF will provide care for the remaining three until they finish formal training and new good homes are found). If you contributed to this rescue, your compassion and generosity helped these animals in ways you can not imagine. We are so grateful. If you weren't able to make a donation at that time, please consider making a donation now-we always have bellies to fill and medical expenses to cover.

You should also know that no matter what brings our Humane Officers to the aide of an animal, their welfare is our #1 priority. Your donations, no matter the amount, make it possible for us to continue our work. We ask that you make a donation today.

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