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Dear Animal Welfare Supporter,

A milestone has been reached! 2014 marks the fifth year that the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills has been helping people and animals in Placer county and surrounding communities. HSSF is the only humane society in the region with certified Humane Officers. Dealing with animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty is not pleasant. It is difficult work and sometimes contentious with neglectful owners. But with your help, we are celebrating our 5-year Anniversary doing this important job, and we look forward to our work together continuing for many years to come.

Here is one case story that exemplifies the many facets of HSSF's dedication to stopping animal abuse and neglect:

very underweight with protruding
ribs & hips

After receiving complaints of animal abuse, an HSSF investigation showed that for ten years, several horses were victims of continuous and repeated neglect by the owner.

What the horses were forced to endure was appalling. They were living in confined spaces, forced to stand and lay in six inches of feces. Their water source was so disgusting, we couldn't see the bottom of any of the tanks. Because of this longstanding and repeated neglect, HSSF officers obtained a search warrant to properly seize the animals.

Hoof care was grossly neglected and none of the horses had had dental care in several years, as evidenced by the insides of their mouths-ripped raw from the dental points on their teeth. And if lack of basic care wasn't enough pain and suffering, all seven horses were grossly underweight with ribs, withers and hip bones protruding, and bellies full of parasites-robbing them of what little nutrients they were given. Water tests showed filthiness to such a degree that it contained "potentially dangerous contamination."

grossly neglected hooves

One of the seven horses rescued was hardly able walk to the trailer waiting to take her and her companions to one of our facilities to begin their intensive rehabilitation program. It is always our hope to stop animal cruelty, rehabilitate the animals and find them new homes. But in this horse's case, we were forced to give her a different gift of kindness - an end to her misery and suffering. She was so debilitated, and in such

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