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Adoption Stories

“The Penryn Project” - Animals from a closing sanctuary.

Vixen before


Vixen after


“Vixen” sends special thanks for helping us pay medical expenses and keeping her safe until she found her new home this year. These before and after pictures of this lovely dog show a remarkable transformation from a girl covered in infected foxtail wounds, when we picked her up from Placer County Animal Shelter, to the beautiful clear eyed doggy she is today.

She now lounges poolside in Granite Bay surrounded by her favorite toys and people committed to her well-being.








Raider and Sue Stack

Raider and Sue Stack

When Raider's owner passed away unexpectedly we took her in. After Dr. Laura gave her a clean bill of health (other than needing to shed a few pounds) she found someone very special among our volunteers to give her a forever home. And talk about the perfect match, Raider's new owner loves to go on long walks so Raider quickly gained back her girlish figure. Today she looks forward to her daily walk and P-mail along the trail.





We received the call from the County shelter.  There was a 1.5 year old Corgi with heartworm scheduled for euthanasia.  When I met Max, he was lethargic and his breathing was labored, but his soulful brown eyes told me he was filled with love and needed to spread it all around on this Earth.  Those eyes said, once we made him feel better, he’d get back to work.

Today, cured of heartworms, Max is spreading lots of love to everyone he meets.  He goes camping (his favorite place is Bodega Bay) and loves to swim and run with other doggies.  According to his new family in a recent letter, “he is a wonderful dog and we were so lucky to have been able to adopt him.”  You GO MAX!!!


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