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Horse 15
Update on the 30 Horse Rescue

Thank you so very much for helping us raise funds to support this urgent horse rescue. Although we fell short of our fundraising goal, the HSSF Board of Directors voted unanimously to dip into HSSF's emergency resrves to make up the difference and proceed with the purchase of the 30 Thoroughbreds from the bankruptcy trustee.

At the hearing, the judge had given anyone the opportunity to “over bid” our offer of $20,000 for the horses. Because no one did so, the judge ruled in favor of HSSF—accepted our offer and will issue an official court order that gives us legal authority to take possession of the 30 horses.

Once the court order is issued, the (former) horse owner’s unethical and misuse of the legal system to perpetuate fraud on the public with these horses will be halted. These scam artists may move on to other unsuspecting victims with their schemes, but at least there is now a record of their deeds.

Congratulations!! Your kindness has helped 30 horses and several people - all once victims of criminal behavior. We will continue to keep you informed via our e-newsletter.

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